Colorado domestic violence cases are emotional and difficult to handle. The criminal defense lawyers of Stuart & Ward LLP work with our clients to help them resolve their domestic violence cases that can often involve the legal rights of alleged victims that are outlined in the Victim’s Rights Act.

The Victim’s Rights Act in Colorado

In Colorado criminal charges are brought by the government and an alleged victim cannot dismiss a case. However, alleged victims are afforded many rights under what is called the Victim’s Right Act (VRA). All domestic violence cases afford an alleged victim the right to be heard at any court hearing, including sentencing, bond modification, and modification of Mandatory Protection Orders.

(See CRS 24-4.1-302.5). It is important to have experienced criminal defense counsel explain how the VRA will be used in a pending domestic violence matter and anticipate how your rights will also be protected in the proceedings.

Colorado Domestic Violence Victim’s Laws

Alleged victims of domestic violence are extended additional protections through the laws described above. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will quickly make sure that the Victim’s Rights Act is complied with when asking the court to modify Mandatory Protection Orders or bond conditions. The victim notification process will sometimes delay important life altering modifications and an experienced lawyer knows how to navigate the process to prevent such delays from happening.

Consult an Experienced Colorado Domestic Violence Attorney

If you are charged with domestic violence in Colorado, Stuart & Ward LLP attorneys can step in to protect your rights. Our attorneys work with other lawyers to coordinate your defense, including family law attorneys, in cases involving domestic violence charges. If you are facing domestic violence charges in the Denver Metro area and beyond, a skilled trial attorney will be your biggest asset in the criminal proceedings. To schedule your consultation, please visit or Contact page or call (303) 832-8888.