• Exceeded My Expectations

    Megan represented me in my case, she was a straight shooter from day one, she always kept me in the loop with everything and she definitely exceeded my expectations. Hopefully I won’t need her anymore but if I do, I know who to call!

  • Above and Beyond!

    I am literally amazed by how hard he (Josh Amos) worked on my case. He went above and beyond my expectations and helped me so much. I got a DUI and he fought tooth and nail and back for me. I cannot express how grateful I am for his hard work and dedication. Thank you again!

  • A Skilled Advocate

    Josh Amos is a fearsome trial lawyer and skilled advocate for his clients. When I was a young public defender, Josh would regularly take time out of his busy schedule to share his experience and help me understand complex legal issues. His knowledge, skill, and desire to perform at the highest level are readily apparent to anyone who has worked with him or has been represented by him.

  • Great Attorney. Highly Recommend!

    I endorse Sean McDermott in the area of Criminal Defense. I’ve always known Sean to be an experienced, knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. I wouldn’t hesitate contacting Sean to brainstorm a legal issue with one of my own cases. I would absolutely trust his opinion.

  • Smart and Aggressive

    Josh Amos is a smart, aggressive, and battle-tested criminal trial lawyer. I would not hesitate to refer anyone with any type of criminal matter to Josh.

  • Superb Value and Representation

    I hired Mr. Amos to defend me in a DUI case in the Denver Metro Area. Unfortunately for me, a lot of substantial evidence and proper protocol existed in my case making it hard to defend, but that didn’t stop Mr. Amos from providing superb value and representation in my case. He went above and beyond what typical DUI clients experience in this area. He was always responsive, within a couple of hours, of emails and calls. He put together an excellent mitigation package that he submitted to the judge before sentencing, not just provided verbally during the hearing. He utilized his knowledge of the judge and relationships to tailor my mitigation to resonate more with the court. He worked hard contacting health care providers to provide additional support, and along the way he made sure that I understood everything that was going on. All of this resulted in me getting a sentence that was incredibly light relative to similar defendants but incredibly justified based on the information he submitted to the court. I will be using Mr. Amos for all of my legal representation needs in the future!

  • Fully Endorse

    I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Amos has defended hundreds of cases. He is experienced and will fight for the best result.

  • Would Hire Again

    I hired Josh Amos to defend my son in a case where most of the allegations were false. He did a great job explaining his side of the story to the other side and did not pressure my son into taking some kind of bad plea offer. I hope I don’t need to, but I would hire him again.

  • A Superb Criminal Defense Attorney

    Josh Amos has tried and won cases across Colorado. Mr. Amos is thorough in his assessment of a case and aggressive in his defense of his clients.  The highest praise a criminal lawyer can give another is this: I would hire Josh Amos to represent me if I were in trouble.  He cares about people and he knows what he is doing.

  • Extremely Knowledgeable

    Sean is an extremely knowledgeable attorney who fights for his clients. He successfully negotiates with difficult prosecutors to reach favorable deals for his clients. In the courtroom, Sean brings his years of experience, and detailed preparation to win favorable results.

  • Highly Impressed

    Josh Amos did a fantastic job. Not only did he get my case dismissed but the price was fair for him to represent me. I was highly impressed with the time and dedication he took to prove my innocence. He had witnesses ready, he had evidence (pictures, police reports) he had a binder full of questions for everybody! Just to make sure the facts were being presented to prove that I was innocent. I trusted him and he delivered. Thanks, Josh.

  • Skilled and Intelligent

    Mr. Amos is a very skilled and intelligent criminal defense attorney. He does an extraordinary job for his clients and is well-respected by all of his peers and adversaries. I highly recommend Mr. Amos.

  • A Fierce Advocate

    I endorse this lawyer (Martin Stuart). He is a fierce advocate and skilled litigator.

  • Did Justice For Our Family!

    Josh was very thorough, very personable, and had knowledge of the justice system. He is about the client and getting them the justice they deserve. We highly recommend him for your needs.

  • Tireless and Knowledgeable

    I hired Josh Amos to expunge my wife’s record that was dismissed by the federal court, her case was unprecedented and there was no federal law for records expungement which made the case very challenging. His expert knowledge, tireless work, commitment, and constant communication with us paid dividends. He drafted a very professional motion precisely capturing the entire situation and won the case.

  • Well-known and Respected

    Sean is a well-known and respected lawyer in the Colorado legal community.

  • A Diligent Defender

    I endorse this lawyer. Sean is a diligent defender of the constitution and his clients.

  • Tom Defending a First-Degree Murder Case

    He was prepared, thoughtful, intelligent, and aggressive. His knowledge and understanding of legal issues is second to none.

  • Simply an Incredible Attorney

    Mr. McDermott has a keen legal mind. He also has sympathy and compassion for his clients and puts the interests of his clients first and foremost. Additionally, he is widely respected by fellow colleagues, opposing counsel, and all of the judges in the Denver metro area. He would be an outstanding attorney to retain as your legal counsel.

  • Justice

    Josh Amos did justice for our family.

  • Repeated Results

    Joshua Amos is an outstanding and dedicated criminal defense attorney. I have worked with Josh in the past and have seen his continued excellent trial advocacy and legal knowledge get repeated results for his clients.

  • Thorough and Detailed

    Mr. Nowak is so thorough and detailed. He cut right to the chase to eliminate any and all problems associated with my case. Mr. Nowak cares and made certain I would bail posted the day I was arrested, so I could get back home to my children. My entire case was dismissed due to the insight and diligence of Mr. Nowak.

  • Very Professional and Easy to Communicate With

    Martin Stuart always called me when he said he would. He spent a lot of time researching my case.

  • Amazing Rapport with Colleagues and Judges

    Tom has been on my retainer for many years now, providing me with honest and reliable insight into potential criminal activity. It was only recently that I was able to utilize his skills to the fullest. Beginning with the first phone call from jail, ending with a tremendous victory at the conclusion, Tom was always available and attentive to my needs. My desired outcome was not one he felt certain about and he continually made that clear. It meant a lot to me that he never gave me false hope or encouraged me in my pursuit of the best possible outcome. Tom is neither flashy nor outspoken. He is the epitome of walking softly and carrying a big stick. His rapport with his colleagues and judges in the courtroom were second to none. In all my appearances I never witnessed another defender balance congeniality and professionalism so casually, without a hint of ego or arrogance. He embodies the principle of “under-promise and over-deliver.” Even during Covid, he did not forget me or my case.

  • Incredible Skill and Professionalism

    Attorney Tom Ward handled a very sticky case for my son resulting from a bar scuffle that got out of hand. It was not a matter of who did what, but a case of attempting to negotiate the appropriate defense for the charges. It was a very messy situation we believe was handled very badly by the public defender’s office. Mr. Ward picked up the case after a year of decisions that were already in place. He was able to negotiate that the charges be reconsidered from the beginning. It was not hopeful at all for my son, but Tom pulled it off with incredible skill and professionalism. We were not looking to “get out” of anything, but just wanted a fair representation of the case in front of the judge. Mr. Ward delivered entirely. He is professional, passionate, compassionate, and very talented in assessing possible outcomes and potential solutions. It is also very clear that Mr. Ward cares about the work that he does.

  • Courteous and Effective

    Sean and I were on opposing sides in a serious criminal matter. He was courteous, zealous, and very effective in the representation of his client.

  • Will Fight for Your Case Until the End

    We hired Tom Ward for our case, he went beyond what was expected when working with the DA, he got the DA to agree to everything he was asking for, which is something hard to do and honestly never happens. He will fight your case until the end. Great attorney to hire he will be on your side.

  • Extremely Experienced

    I have observed Mr. Amos litigate in court for years now. A few years back we also represented co-defendants in a serious felony sex case. Mr. Amos is an extremely experienced attorney. He knows the law inside and out and is excellent in trial. I highly recommend him to anyone accused of criminal conduct or being investigated by law enforcement. He is unequivocally one of the best attorneys around.

  • If You Need an Attorney, Tom is Your Guy

    Tom as an outstanding attorney who did wonders for my case. He consistently fought until he got me the deal I wanted. He is always on time and always makes himself available to his client.

  • Extraordinary Trial Experience

    Josh has extraordinary trial experience. He’s an aggressive and “outside-the-box” type of litigator, who puts the needs of his clients before anything else!