I hired Mr. Amos to defend me in a DUI case in the Denver Metro Area. Unfortunately for me, a lot of substantial evidence and proper protocol existed in my case making it hard to defend, but that didn’t stop Mr. Amos from providing superb value and representation in my case. He went above and beyond what typical DUI clients experience in this area. He was always responsive, within a couple of hours, of emails and calls. He put together an excellent mitigation package that he submitted to the judge before sentencing, not just provided verbally during the hearing. He utilized his knowledge of the judge and relationships to tailor my mitigation to resonate more with the court. He worked hard contacting health care providers to provide additional support, and along the way he made sure that I understood everything that was going on. All of this resulted in me getting a sentence that was incredibly light relative to similar defendants but incredibly justified based on the information he submitted to the court. I will be using Mr. Amos for all of my legal representation needs in the future!


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