Attorney Tom Ward handled a very sticky case for my son resulting from a bar scuffle that got out of hand. It was not a matter of who did what, but a case of attempting to negotiate the appropriate defense for the charges. It was a very messy situation we believe was handled very badly by the public defender’s office. Mr. Ward picked up the case after a year of decisions that were already in place. He was able to negotiate that the charges be reconsidered from the beginning. It was not hopeful at all for my son, but Tom pulled it off with incredible skill and professionalism. We were not looking to “get out” of anything, but just wanted a fair representation of the case in front of the judge. Mr. Ward delivered entirely. He is professional, passionate, compassionate, and very talented in assessing possible outcomes and potential solutions. It is also very clear that Mr. Ward cares about the work that he does.


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