Tom has been on my retainer for many years now, providing me with honest and reliable insight into potential criminal activity. It was only recently that I was able to utilize his skills to the fullest. Beginning with the first phone call from jail, ending with a tremendous victory at the conclusion, Tom was always available and attentive to my needs. My desired outcome was not one he felt certain about and he continually made that clear. It meant a lot to me that he never gave me false hope or encouraged me in my pursuit of the best possible outcome. Tom is neither flashy nor outspoken. He is the epitome of walking softly and carrying a big stick. His rapport with his colleagues and judges in the courtroom were second to none. In all my appearances I never witnessed another defender balance congeniality and professionalism so casually, without a hint of ego or arrogance. He embodies the principle of “under-promise and over-deliver.” Even during Covid, he did not forget me or my case.


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