Many people with Colorado DUI charges want to know how they get their license back, as losing your driver’s license is one of the most complicated consequences of a DUI case.

One of our clients’ top questions regarding a DUI case is, “How long is a license suspended for DUI in Colorado?” This is not an easy question to answer as the Administrative and Court DUI processes are different in our state. But in Colorado, your license will be automatically suspended for nine months if you are found to have Blood Alcohol Content or BAC test results of 0.08 or higher while driving.

Being unable to drive can affect your employment, family obligations, and even health appointments. Unlike a DUI sentence at the end of a case, driver’s license penalties go into place before a conviction, even for people who are not guilty of the DUI they’ve been accused of!

The Colorado DMV gives drivers a hearing to argue why their driver’s license should not be revoked (link leads to blog post re: circumstances when driver’s licenses can be revoked after a DUI arrest) after a DUI arrest. At a DMV Hearing, a government officer will determine whether or not your driver’s license will be revoked. If your driver’s license is revoked, you can still apply for “early reinstatement,” allowing you to drive as long as you wait the requisite time period and then complete a series of requirements. One of those requirements is compliance with an interlock device, a.k.a. an “interlock-restricted license.” An interlock is a device that you blow into upon entering your vehicle. One can only start the engine and drive the car if the interlock device confirms that you don’t have an elevated alcohol concentration level. Periodically, the driver is required to provide breath samples while driving.

If you believe you can comply with the rules of an interlock device, are a resident of Colorado, and are 21 years of age or older, you are eligible for early reinstatement by applying for and receiving an interlock-restricted license.

This concise rundown of the steps for early reinstatement will ease the process and get you well on your way to driving again:

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DUI penalties in our state can vary based on the circumstances of your case. Likewise, the process to apply for early reinstatement is lengthy and complicated. The criminal defense attorneys of McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP are award-winning and known as some of the best defense attorneys for DUI charges in Colorado.

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