McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP attorneys handle cases throughout Colorado and are skilled at deploying strategic defense strategies in domestic violence cases. Many people facing domestic violence charges in Colorado want to know how much treatment they will have to complete.

Although that is a common question, and a good question, it is impossible to answer.

Domestic Violence Sentencing

In Colorado, a person convicted of an act of domestic violence shall be sentenced to complete a treatment program and a treatment evaluation (See C.R.S. § 18-6-801).

The Colorado Domestic Violence Offender Management Board oversees creating treatment that a defendant will be legally obligated to complete. The treatment standards are published and titled Colorado Domestic Violence Offender Management Board Standards for Treatment With Court Ordered Domestic Violence Offenders.

Treatment in Colorado Domestic Violence Cases

In our state, a domestic violence offender must complete an evaluation by a qualified provider. The evaluation looks at the underlying facts of the case, a defendant’s criminal history, witness statements, and any other applicable information to determine a defendant’s risk level. A defendant is then placed by the treatment provider into a treatment track of Level A, B, or C.

The treatment track levels have different parameters that a defendant must complete before they are successfully discharged from treatment. A defendant in Colorado may be required to attend domestic violence treatment once a week, twice a week, or somewhere in between depending upon their treatment track level classification. Treatment will continue until a defendant’s provider and treatment team believes the defendant has completed all the required competencies and conditions of their treatment plan.

In plain language, in a Colorado domestic violence case a defendant will be required to complete treatment until they have satisfied their treatment provider. This will take a minimum of six months and the treatment is costly with the defendant having to pay approximately $30 for each session.

Call a Denver Domestic Violence Attorney

For Colorado residents, domestic violence treatment can last years, cost hundreds of dollars, and take-up many hours of your life. A person should consult with a lawyer that understands the domestic violence treatment requirements before pleading guilty to an act of domestic violence.

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