McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP partner Tom Ward secured a dismissal of all criminal charges against a MSW client accused of felony elder abuse in Arapahoe County, Colorado. The client is a frontline healthcare professional who was wrongfully charged with negligently causing serious bodily injury to an elderly resident of an assisted living facility while providing routine care.

For more than a year of court proceedings, Tom’s client maintained his innocence and waited for his day in court. Tom spent countless hours interviewing witnesses and preparing for the trial while simultaneously attempting to persuade the prosecutor that a dismissal would be in the best interests of justice. On the Friday before the trial was set to begin, the District Attorney’s office announced that they would dismiss all charges.

Elder abuse charges are on the rise in in Colorado as our state’s population continues to grow and age at a fast rate. The Colorado Health Institute reported that, “By 2050, the number of older adults in Colorado is expected to double to 1.7 million. That’s more than the current populations of Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora combined.” This statistic is interesting especially when taking into account that, one in nine seniors have reported being “abused, neglected, or exploited within the last year. Health care workers are at particular risk for these types of allegations. A strong defense is the best course of action when an innocent defendant is facing elder abuse charges in Colorado.

The team at McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP has decades of experience in criminal defense including work in defending against elder abuse charges. They are proud that Tom’s advocacy led to this fantastic outcome, and congratulates the firm’s client whose reputation, freedom and career were all hanging in the balance.

About Tom Ward
Tom Ward is an award-winning criminal defense attorney and bases his practice in Denver, Colorado. He has served the local community through aggressive defense strategies that persuade judges and juries as well as prosecutors to drop or lessen charges. Tom is well known for his high level of devotion to his client’s matters and the great results in criminal cases that he can obtain. If you have been charged with a crime in Colorado, please call 303-832-8888 to schedule a free consultation with attorney Tom Ward.

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