Committed to providing Denver, Colorado criminal defense and civil litigation legal services, known marijuana defense attorney Josh Amos recently made Partner at McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP in January 2021. Mr. Amos is an accomplished trial lawyer with over 10 years of experience as a criminal law trial attorney and is locally known for his victories in Colorado marijuana defense.

Before joining McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP, Mr. Amos served in the Colorado State Public Defenders’ Office for five years and as the Arapahoe County Senior Deputy Public Defender for two years. Now a leading criminal defense attorney, Mr. Amos has been making headlines for his commitment to justice and vast knowledge of Colorado marijuana defense law.

Alongside his Partner Martin Stuart, Mr. Amos successfully secured a dismissal of four felony charges against civilian and Aurora, Colorado police brutality protester Russel Ruch in September 2020. Ruch faced four felony charges for organizing a police brutality protest following Elijah McClain‘s death in August 2019, a few days after being forcefully arrested by police.  McClain had been walking home from a nearby convenience store when a civilian called 911 claiming the young Black man “looked sketchy.”

Securing this dismissal for his client in a case that Mr. Amos called “political persecution” is only one of the headlines that this fierce trial attorney is making in the Denver criminal defense law circle and Denver news media. In 2020,  Law Week Colorado named Mr. Amos its 2020 People’s Choice “Best Marijuana Lawyer” for his work in marijuana defense law cases and deep understanding of Colorado’s complicated recreational marijuana laws.

Even though recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado in 2014, thousands of state residents still face marijuana-related criminal charges every year. Recent studies have shown that people of color are disproportionately charged with marijuana-related criminal offenses.

Having recently been promoted to Partner at the highly regarded Colorado criminal defense and civil litigation firm McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP, Mr. Amos will continue his efforts to provide criminal defense legal services with a focus on defense of marijuana charges.

Josh Amos is committed to equality, justice, due process, and helping Colorado’s accused defend themselves in criminal law cases related to marijuana defense law. This expertise, a strong record as a trial attorney, and his character qualities make Josh Amos a great new partner at McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP.

Mr. Amos is assuming his new responsibilities as Partner immediately.

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