Denver, Colorado – The Colorado criminal defense attorneys of McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP are pleased to congratulate partner Martin A. Stuart on his recent victory. After less than one hour of deliberation, a Broomfield County District Court jury returned a verdict of “not guilty” acquitting his client of felony sexual assault.

Sex assault crimes in Colorado are serious. Being wrongfully accused of a Colorado sex assault can lead to a series of life-changing moments for an innocent person and their family. Regardless if you are charged with a felony or misdemeanor sex charge, having an experienced criminal defense lawyer by your side is the first step in protecting yourself. The attorneys of MSW are highly credentialed and respected in Colorado criminal defense and are dedicated to providing their clients with results.

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More about Martin Stuart

Martin A. Stuart is a seasoned criminal defense attorney. His practice includes cases in Colorado state and federal courts and he defends individuals and corporations facing criminal charges. Martin tried over 100 jury trials and has also served as an expert witness in ineffective assistance of counsel cases. He is a leader in Colorado criminal law serving as the President of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association from 2009 –2010.

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