The Denver criminal defense lawyers of McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP work with their clients to resolve issues related to domestic violence cases including Mandatory Protection Orders (MPO).

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will know how to aggressively fight to modify the MPO so that a defendant can move back into their home, parent their children, and speak with their significant other.

What is a Colorado Mandatory Protection Order?

Every individual charged with a crime in Colorado is subject to the Mandatory Protection Order (See CRS 18-1-1001). An MPO is always a condition of bond. The MPO prohibits a defendant from doing certain acts which can be extremely life altering.

When an act of domestic violence is alleged the Court may order a defendant:

(1) to vacate or stay away from the home of the alleged victim and to stay away from any other location where the victim is likely to be found;
(2) to refrain from contact or direct or indirect communication with the alleged victim;
(3) to not possess firearms or other weapons;
(4) to not consume alcohol or controlled substances; or
(5) to comply with any order the Court deems appropriate to protect the safety of the alleged victim.

Consequences of Colorado Mandatory Protection Orders

A MPO is often ordered without consulting an alleged victim or even against an alleged victim’s wishes. The MPO can force a defendant to move out of their own home, to not have contact with their children, and otherwise completely disrupt their life. An MPO can be modified by the Court at any time. Engaging a lawyer before the bond hearing can sometimes prevent unfair life altering MPO conditions from being ordered.

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