The Colorado criminal defense firm McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP is proud to announce that Associate Josh Amos has been selected to the Board of Directors for the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association for the 2019-2020 year.

This position is a great opportunity for Josh to share his experience and expertise in the field of criminal law with other defense lawyers. Josh is a seasoned attorney and has represented thousands of clients in criminal cases, successfully obtaining acquittals or dismissals for charges such as DUI, Theft, and First-Degree Murder.

Josh runs an award-winning law practice being named to the Colorado Super Lawyers Rising Stars list in 2018 and 2019. This appointment to the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar Association’s Board of Directors follows the firm’s legacy of leadership in this organization with Sean McDermott and Martin Stuart previously serving as President.

Congrats Josh!

About Josh Amos

Josh Amos began his legal career as a Colorado State Public Defender. In this position, he had the opportunity to defend countless people that were wrongfully accused of crimes and those who count not afford defense counsel. Josh entered private practice in 2016 as an associate attorney at McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP. In this capacity, he has continued to be of service to the Colorado community providing a strong defense of crimes ranging from misdemeanors to Colorado state and federal felonies.

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