The Colorado criminal defense lawyers of McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP have seen a recent uptick in filing on Internet Luring of a Child charges in Colorado during the past year.  The Colorado statute, CRS 18-3-306, provides two different levels of felonies that can be charged by the prosecution.  The most serious felony, a class 4, subjects a defendant to an indeterminate sentence.  An indeterminate is especially serious because it has the genuine potential to place an individual in the Department of Corrections, Parole, or Probation for the rest of their life.  In addition to losing one’s liberty, defendants are subject to mandatory sex offender registration if convicted.

The Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office in Golden, Colorado, is particularly aggressive in investigating and prosecuting Internet Luring of a Child.  The Jefferson County Sherriff’s Office has a specific squad named the CHEEZO Unit, dedicated to investigating Internet Luring of a Child charges and other online sexual offenses.  You should contact an attorney quickly if you have reason to believe the CHEEZO Unit is investigating you in Jefferson County or anywhere else in Colorado.  We have also seen Internet Luring of a Child charged in other Colorado District Courts, including Denver, Arapahoe, Adams, and Douglas County.

These cases are defensible.  In September of 2020, McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP lawyer Josh Amos tried an internet luring case to a jury in one of the first felony trials in Jefferson County after pandemic restrictions pertaining to jury trials were lifted.  A defendant can challenge identification, belief regarding the minor’s age, jurisdiction, and other defenses. A defendant should always inquire about a prospective lawyer’s litigation and trial experience before choosing someone to defend them on any case.

In addition, an aggressive lawyer can achieve a better plea offer by using a strong motions practice, investigation, and obtaining a favorable and reputable offense-specific evaluation.

Please contact McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP if you need a lawyer to help defend against Internet Luring of a Child charges in Colorado Courts.

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