Colorado White-Collar Criminal Defense

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A conviction of a Colorado white-collar crime can have a significant effect on a person’s financial, social, and professional lives. White-collar crimes are non-violent acts that are committed by people in their professional capacity and most times relate to obtaining money illegally. Generally, public officials and business professionals are those accused of white-collar crimes.

McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP has extensive experience in criminal law especially with regard to the defense of white-collar crimes in Colorado. Our criminal litigators have represented clients in a variety of white-collar matters including criminal fraud, civil fraud, commercial fraud, tax crimes, corporate investigations, indictments, and securities fraud .

Colorado Securities Fraud

An investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission or other government agency for securities fraud can be a stressful experience. Our criminal defense team protects our client’s interests and rights during this multifaceted process. Our lawyers understand the complex nature of white-collar fraud allegations and how to successfully defend against them. The firm’s practice covers litigation of investment fraud, insider trading, and violations of SEC disclosure requirements. McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP attorneys have successfully represented individuals and corporations in all phases of securities fraud investigations through and including trial.

Tax Evasion Defense Attorneys

Colorado tax fraud cases are rigorous to defend as they are so thoroughly investigated by the government. Tax fraud includes conduct such as under reporting income, over claiming deductions, and filing fraudulent returns. IRS fraud investigation agents spend large amounts of time reviewing financial records and interviewing witnesses before sending the case to the Grand Jury. The strong defense that our attorneys provide in these types of matters plays a key role in challenging the prosecution’s case. As experienced tax evasion defense counsel, our team can deliver the right information to the investigators to prevent charges from ever being filed in some cases.

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