Colorado Victim’s Rights Attorney

Victims have rights in Colorado. Victims have legal standing and there are laws in place that guarantee their voices will be heard. Victims also have the right not to be threatened or intimated in the legal process. For many people affected by crime, healing and recovery cannot begin until the legal proceedings have concluded.

If you are seeking safety or justice, dealing with prosecutors can be an intimidating experience. McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP provides attentive support for victims of crime. Our lawyers have years of experience dealing with prosecutors and we understand that they can be overzealous at times and inattentive at other times. Our attorneys have personal relationships with prosecutors across Colorado. Our team of lawyers ensures that our client’s voices are heard as to how they wish a case to be resolved.

Victim’s Rights Representation

Crime can affect anyone. Colorado crime victims can range in age from children to the elderly. Our lawyers have represented clients in a variety of circumstances including violent and abusive situations. Survivors of assault, sex crimes, and trafficking turn to our firm to help hold their perpetrators accountable. McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP attorneys have worked closely with crime victims, including those affected by DUI, in navigating the complexity of the criminal justice system. Our victim’s rights lawyers provide a range of representation services including advice and court hearing attendance. For many victims, we have provided representation in civil actions against the offender or other responsible third-parties.

Denver Crime Victim Lawyers

McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP represents victims of crime in Denver County and throughout the Denver metro area. Our Colorado lawyers are available at (303) 832-8888 to consult about how our team can help navigate through the civil and criminal legal issues related to victim’s rights.