Colorado Criminal Record Sealing

Even if a criminal case was dismissed or if an individual successfully completed a deferred judgment, their past involvement in the criminal justice system can continue to haunt them. Many individuals are surprised to learn, often at inopportune times, that their record is not clean. It can be embarrassing to have a past arrest discovered during a background check in the employment process or by a new landlord.

Our attorneys understand that the stigma of involvement in a Colorado criminal case, regardless of how big or small it was, can have a significant impact on person’s life. Stuart & Ward LLP regularly guides clients through the process of sealing criminal records in Colorado. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers handle the entire expungement process including checking criminal records to ensure eligibility to seal and then initiating the petition proceeding to forever expunge.

Colorado Expungement Attorney

The presence of a Colorado criminal record can affect many aspects of a person’s life and livelihood. It is true that an arrest or conviction in our state can appear on a background check long after the matter has been settled. It is also true that even if a person was not convicted of a crime, there might still be a record of an arrest or charge linked to them. Criminal defense counsel, Stuart & Ward LLP, help individuals move on with their lives and expunge their Colorado juvenile and adult criminal records.

Colorado law allows for certain felony and misdemeanor criminal arrest records to be expunged or set aside. The process of expungement of juvenile and adult criminal convictions and arrest records in Colorado can be difficult to navigate on your own. The laws controlling sealing arrest records and court records are complicated and consistently changing. Our Denver-based lawyers have aided hundreds of individuals across Colorado with successfully sealing their arrest records and expunging their convictions.

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Our Denver expungement attorneys can handle every aspect of your sealing proceeding. We have years of experience with this process and know the Colorado laws that apply. Please contact our law office at (303) 832-8888 to determine if you are eligible to have your Colorado criminal record sealed or expunged.