Experienced Colorado State Felony Lawyers

The Denver criminal defense lawyers of McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP have extensive experience defending Colorado state felony charges. Felonies can include sexual crimes, white-collar crimes, fraud, theft, and crimes related to drugs. Colorado felony charges can also involve violence, assault, homicide, and weapons. Penalties for a felony conviction are severe and often result in major fines, county jail time, state prison sentences, or even lifetime registration as a sexual offender. For non-US citizens, a Colorado felony conviction can lead to the initiation of immigration removal proceedings or deportation.

Felony Assault

Many people charged with felony assault do not realize that the charges against them can lead to incarceration. In Colorado, even misdemeanor 3rd Degree Assault convictions are punishable by up to two years in jail. Our attorneys began their careers as Public Defenders and have represented many individuals charged with Colorado felony assault in municipal, county, and district courts across Colorado. We are well versed in self-defense law and know what it takes to present a winning defense. Each one of our lawyers has won multiple assault cases at trial.


As some of the top criminal defense attorneys in Colorado, every lawyer at McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP has tried multiple homicide cases and we have achieved outstanding results. The minimum penalty for First Degree Murder in Colorado is life without parole. Our lawyers have spent an incalculable amount of time litigating, investigating, and trying homicide cases. In our experience, homicide litigation is done best by hitting the ground running and we start our own investigation as soon as possible.

Colorado Organized Crime Control Act (COCCA)

The Colorado Organized Crime Control Act or “COCCA” is the Colorado equivalent to the federal RICO Act and is intended to target organized criminal enterprises. COCCA charges used to be rarely sought by the State of Colorado, but have been more commonly filed over the past few years. They are often brought after a Grand Jury investigation. McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP has developed a large motion practice aimed at fighting COCCA charges. Our firm has handled many complex COCCA cases with factual basis including marijuana cultivation, securities fraud, theft, drug distribution, and Medicaid fraud.

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