Colorado Federal Felonies

The Colorado criminal defense lawyers of McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP act quickly to investigate and intervene on behalf of their clients charged with federal crimes. A federal felony involves an alleged crime against the United States and a violation of federal law. These crimes can involve investigations by government agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Federal felonies are often complex and can take months to investigate and bring charges.

Our criminal law defense attorneys work with our clients in federal felony cases to act early. We develop our own investigation to examine the charges fully. Oftentimes, our defense strategies result in avoiding indictment entirely or in lighter sentences.

Federal Petty Offenses:

It is easier to be charged with a federal petty offense than most people think. For example, while it is legal to possess marijuana in Colorado, it is illegal to possess marijuana in Rocky Mountain National Park. Being caught with marijuana on federal property can often lead to a federal petty offense charge. Federal petty offenses include, but are not limited to, Driving Under the Influence and drug possession on federal property such as military bases and national parks. Our Denver criminal defense attorneys have years of experience fighting federal petty offense charges.

Consult a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are charged with a Colorado federal felony, call the criminal defense lawyers of McDermott Stuart & Ward LLP at (303) 832-8888 right away. Our experienced team of defenders will work to protect your rights at every stage of the case.