A conviction for committing an act of domestic violence in Colorado can change a person’s life forever. The collateral consequences of a domestic violence conviction last much longer than the immediate punishment imposed by the court. Stuart & Ward LLP attorneys have experience and knowledge in this area to defend their clients in domestic violence proceedings.

Domestic Violence Charges and Professional Licenses

We have represented people in Colorado who are employed in various fields which require a professional license. Stuart & Ward can advise clients on these issues to prevent them from losing their medical license, national security clearance, and other professional licenses tied to livelihood.

Guns and Domestic Violence Charges

A conviction for an act of domestic violence in Colorado can impact your right to possess a firearm forever.

People accused of domestic violence cannot possess guns while on bond. The State of Colorado will not allow a defendant to remain free on bond until they satisfy the court that they do not have access to guns or ammunition. A gunowner must transfer or sell their firearms within 24-hours of release and then provide proof to the court of compliance.

The “Lautenberg Amendment” is a federal law which prevents individuals convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence from possessing guns or ammunition. The federal definition of a crime of domestic violence and the Colorado definition are not the same.

An experienced lawyer can advise you regarding your Second Amendment rights from the start to the end of your domestic violence case.

Sealing Colorado Domestic Violence Cases

A conviction for an act of domestic violence in Colorado is not eligible to be sealed by the court. This means the conviction will last forever and could impact your life for decades.

Working with Stuart & Ward LLP

Stuart & Ward LLP has experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressive lawyers that know how to successfully fight for individuals accused of crimes of domestic violence. We win cases using thorough investigation, good legal research, and winning strategic decisions. Contact our Colorado domestic violence attorneys at (303) 832-8888.