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Please reference the recent article Attorney General drops eight charges against Dragul. 

What are Securities Fraud Charges?

Securities fraud, sometimes called stock or investment fraud, is a serious white-collar crime. Although it can be committed in several ways, securities fraud generally involves misrepresenting crucial information that investors use to make their investment and monetary decisions.

Individuals, such as stockbrokers, can be charged with securities fraud, as can organizations, such as investment banks, brokerage firms, or corporations. Independent individuals can also face these types of charges for schemes such as insider trading. Examples of securities fraud include:

  • Ponzi schemes
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Late-day trading
  • False information
  • Pump-and-dump schemes
  • Trading on insider information

Securities fraud charges involve complex facets of the law, finance, and investments. As such, anyone or any business accused of securities fraud needs a seasoned attorney by their side as soon as possible.

About Attorney Josh Amos

Mr. Amos is an experienced criminal defense attorney, well versed in state and federal charges as well as white-collar criminal defense. He joined MSW in 2016 and soon became a partner. Many of his early successes came during his tenure as a Colorado State Deputy Public Defender. Throughout his career and time at MSW, he has successfully obtained acquittals and dismissals on a wide range of cases such as first-degree murder, DUI, and theft. 

Are You Facing Security Fraud or Similar Charges? Call the Seasoned Attorneys at MSW for Help Today

At MSW, we fight for our clients and get results. Securities fraud is a complicated area of law. Anyone facing these types of charges or who suspects they might soon be charged with them needs lawyers with experience in this area who get winning results. People should hire an experienced Colorado securities fraud lawyer if they are charged or under investigation for securities fraud. Suppose you have received a subpoena from an investigating agency asking to produce documents. In that case, you might be under investigation for securities fraud. Please contact us for a confidential consultation today. The sooner you reach out for help, the more options you have. We can be reached at (303) 832-8888 or online.

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